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Board Masters (6-13) Introduction to Springboard Diving – Level 1 & 2 Learn basic jumping and diving skills through progressive land, water and springboard move ments. Progress at your own level and learn more advanced skills such as front and back pike jumps and dives, hurdle jumps, tucks, flips and somersaults. Candidates must be comfortable in deep water (level 4 swimming minimum). Lev el 1 is for those new to the sport and Level 2 is for those students who have taken Level 1 previously. Aquatic Centre Saturdays 10:40-11:25 AM for Level 1 11:30-12:15 PM for Level 2 Jan 8-Mar 25 (11) No class Feb 11 Apr 15-Jun 24 (11) $106.70 (11)

Aquatic Centre Titan’s (7-14) Water Polo Club Water polo is a combination of swimming, wrestling, basketball, soccer and baseball – what more fun could you ask for? Develop the fundamental water skills required to play water polo and see a mas sive improvement in your swim ming, treading water and passing skills. Increase your aquatic en durance and power in a fun team environment. This is an introducto ry program and no previous experi ence is required – participants just must be comfortable in deep water (level 4 swimming minimum). Fo cus is on skill development, team

(JLC) Junior Lifeguard Club (8-14) The Junior Lifeguard Club offers a unique aquatic alternative for those kids who really love the water. JLC keeps kids interested and active in aquatics – espe cially quick learners and those caught between levels or pro grams. Friends can join together even if they are of different ages and abilities. Sign up today and develop your: swimming, lifesav ing, fitness, lifesaving knowledge, community education, leadership and teamwork skills. Participants will also be working on their Rook ie Patrol, Ranger Patrol and Star Patrol certificates. JLC welcomes members that can swim at least 25 metres and tread water for 2 minutes. Aquatic Centre Fridays 5:00-7:00 PM Jan 6-Mar 24 (11) No class Feb 17 Apr 14-Jun 23 (11) $115.00 (11) Babysitting Course (11+) Do you want to become a certified Red Cross babysitter? This course will help you understand all the aspects of caring for children and prepare you for the responsibility. Register now, so you can babysit and earn some money while having fun. Fee includes snack, manual and mini first aid kit. Aquatic Centre Tuesday & Thursdays

building and fun. Aquatic Centre Sundays

11:30-12:15 PM for ages 7-10 12:15-1:00 PM for ages 10-14 Jan 8-Mar 19 (11) Apr 16-Jun 25 (10) NoclassMay 15 $106.70 (11)


4:00-6:00 PM June 6-22 (6) $52.00


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