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NATURALLY SUGAR FREE COOKING CLASS Are you interested in alternative ways to sweeten baked goods or a savory dish? Chef Sonja will teach some recipes using natural sweeteners and sugar substitutes. The recipes you will learn are cashew butter & banana muffins, chocolate rasp berry cake or cupcakes, choco late truffles and a creamy green salad dressing. There will be some hands on. Enjoy sampling our creations after the lesson. Bring to-go containers. Instructor: Sonja Limberger #13088 Wednesday March 6 6:00 - 9:00 pm Filberg Upper Kitchen $85

CHINESE VEGETARIAN Come and discover the flavours and colours of Chinese cuisine. Chef Sonja will emphasize the importance of fresh organic ingredients. There will be step by step instruction to learn rec ipes like Sweet & Sour Tofu, Egg Fried Rice and Pot Stickers with a sauce. Be prepared for some hands on. Enjoy a full meal after the lesson. Bring some to-go containers. Instructor: Sonja Limberger #13089 Wednesday January 24 6:00 - 9:00 pm Filberg Upper Kitchen $85 THAI VEGETARIAN Come and discover the wonder ful aromatic flavours of Thailand. Recipes will be based on tradi tional Thai dishes with vegetar ian substitutions for meat. Rec ipes include a Thai Curry made from scratch, a Pad Thai Noodle dish and a peanut sauce. Copies of the recipes will be supplied. Enjoy a meal at the end of the class. Bring containers in case of left overs. Instructor: Sonja Limberger #13090 Wednesday February 28 6:00 - 9:00 pm Filberg Upper Kitchen $85

NEPALESE VEGETARIAN COOKING If you like spicy and exotic fla vors this class is for you. We will make a Nepalese Vegetable Cur ry, Vegetarian Momos (Nepalese version of Tibetan dumplings) and a Tomato cilantro Achar dip ping sauce. Chef Sonja learned these recipes with a Nepalese Chef while working at Victoria’s own Mint Restaurant. Come hungry - we’ll enjoy a delicious meal after the lesson. Instructor: Sonja Limberger #12906 Wednesday March 13 6:00 - 9:00 pm Filberg Upper Kitchen $85

Meet Sonja! Sonja has many years of experience in the field of whole foods and vegetarian cooking and baking. She has worked in vegan focused establishments such as The Naam in Vancouver, Hollyhock farms on Cortes Island and the Mint restaurant in Victoria. Sonja started teach ing cooking classes in 2007 in Victoria at various recreation centres and community centres, as well as in home private and group classes. She has self-published a cookbook in 2013. But most important has a passion for whole foods cooking and sharing what she has learned over the years.




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