Full guide Spring 2023


COST COURSE# PRE-REQUISITES (please bring proof to 1st day)

Apr 8-May 6 Sat

1:30-6:00 PM $250.00*

13 years by last day of course or Bronze Star

Bronze Medallion

Jul 3-7


1:00-5:30 PM

May 13-21


11:30-5:00 PM $210.00*

Bronze Medallion

Bronze Cross

Jul 10-14 Mar 24-31

Mon-Fri Mon-Fri

1:00-5:30 PM

National Lifeguard (NL) - Pool Option

12:00-8:00 PM $475.00*

15 years by last day of course, Bronze Cross & AEC or SFA (recommended to be current)

Jun 2-24

Fri Sat

5:30-9:30 PM 9:00-5:00 PM 9:00-5:00 PM

Jul 21-28

Mon-Fri Sun-Thu

Lifesaving Society Swim Instructor & Lifesaving Instructor Combo CALA Vertical Water Training & Group Aqua Fitness Combo

Apr 2-6

9:00-6:00 PM $500.00*

16 years by last day of course and Bronze Cross (need not be current)

Jul 31-Aug 4


9:00-6:00 PM



16 years minimum

Aquatic Fitness - Adaptive Workshop Emergency First Aid (EFA) & CPR C



16 years minimum and must be a current instructor in order to be eligible for BCRPA/CALA credits 12 years old minimum/15 years recommended

Mar 18 May 27

Sat Sat

9:00-5:00 PM $95.00*

9:00-5:00 PM 9:00-5:00 PM

Jul 17


Standard First Aid (SFA) & CPR C

Mar 18 & 19 Sat & Sun May 27-28 Sat & Sun

9:00-5:00 PM $140.00*

12 years old minimum/15 years recommended

9:00-5:00 PM 9:00-5:00 PM

Jul 17-18

Mon & Tue

NL Precert/Recert

Aug 26


9:00-5:00 PM $135.00*

Previous NL award and recommended CPR C (current within the year.) Must have a current AMOA or completed the online portion of the course.

*Reuseable pocket mask required for this course. If you do not have a pocket mask, you will be charged an additional $16.00 for one.

Leadership classes may be subject to a $40.00 with drawal/transfer fee for withdrawals or transfers less than a week from start date. No withdrawals/refunds after class starts, except for medical reasons.

Instructor Stream

Lifeguard Stream

CVRD LEADERSHIP COURSES National Lifeguard Standard 1st Aid or AEC

Lifesaving Instructor

LS Swim Instructor

Bronze Cross

GET HIGH SCHOOL CREDITS British Columbia and Yukon high school students can use Bronze Cross, Lifesaving Instructor, NLS and WSI certifications for credit toward high school graduation. Credits available: • Bronze Cross is worth 2 credits for Grade 11. • Lifesaving Instructor + Bronze Cross are worth 3 credits for Grade 11. • National Lifeguard – Pool/Core option (NLS) is worth 2 credits for Grade 12. • Lifesaving Swim Instructor is worth 2 credits for Grade 11.

Bronze Medallion

Bronze Star

Jr Lifeguard Club Rookie, Ranger & Star Patrol

Swim For Life Level 9

Fitness Stream

Aquatic Fitness Adaptive Workshop


Cala Group Aqua Fitness & Vertical Water Training Combo

BCRPA Aquatic Module

BCRPA Group Fitness Module

BCRPA Fitness Theory

For further information about lifeguard training please call the Aquatic Coordinator at 250-334-2527 ext 3712.


CVRD SPORTS & AQUATIC CENTRES | 250-334-9622 | comoxvalleyrd.ca/rec

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