Full guide Spring 2023

How to Register 3 easy ways to register for Courtenay Recreation programs! Spring Registration starts Monday March 6 at 7:15 am Registration Policy & Guidelines

• All registrations areprocessed onafirst comefirst serve basis. • Pre-registration is required for most classes. • Fees are tobepaid in full at the timeof registration. • Allmemberships start date is thedateof purchase, excluding theannual EvergreenMember ship. • CourtenayRecreation reserves the right tomake cancellations or changes asnecessary. • G.S.T.will be chargedonall pro gramswithparticipantsover theageof 14andonall fieldand facility rentals. Programparticipants14years andunder arenot subject to tax, with theexceptionof all drop-inprograms. Someex ceptionsmayapply. • A$20handling chargewill be collectedonN.S.F. cheques. • Pleaseread receipts carefully for informationondates, times, supplies, etc. Create your customer account now to be prepared to register online starting March 6 courtenay.ca/reconline Visit our ‘How To’ video at courtenay.ca/reconline

In Person At the Lewis Centre or the Filberg Centre. 1 2 3 Online Registration courtenay.ca/reconline By Phone 250-338-5371 or 250-338-1000. Use your Visa or Mastercard.

Make sure to create your account!

No email registrations accepted.

OPT IN Receive emails from Courtenay Rec for important updates. This can be done on your customer account online. Call the Lewis or Filberg Centre for more information or assistance.


Refundsmaybe issuedunder the following circumstances: • A full or pro-rated refundwill begiven if a class is cancelled, or formedical reasons withadoctor’snote. • Pro-rated refundswill beprovidedafter thefirst class, basedon thedateof notification. • No refundswill bedoneonline. Refund requestsmust bemade inpersonor by phone. • Requests for refundswill beprocessedwitha full refundup toFIVEdaysbefore the start of theprogram. After this time, anadministrative feeof $8will be charged. • Refundswill not beapprovedafter aprogramhas ended. • Pleaseallowup to3weeks for cheque refunds tobe processed. • Pleasenote theremaybeexceptions (eg. CozyCorner Preschool, programs of short duration, workshops, etc.). • All punchpasses , WellnessCentre&FitnessMemberships arenon-refundable &non-transferable.



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