Courtenay Rec pages Fall 2019

How to Register 4 easy ways to register for Courtenay Recreation programs! Fall Registration starts Monday August 12 at 7:15 am Registration Policy & Guidelines

• All registrations areprocessed onafirst comefirst serve basis. • Pre-registration is required for all classes exceptwhenspeci- fiedas adrop-inclass. • Fees are tobepaid in full at the timeof registration. • Registration is limited to the im- mediate familyplusmembers fromoneother familyonly. Some restrictionsmayapply. • CourtenayRecreation reserves the right tomake cancellations or changes asnecessary. • G.S.T.will be chargedonall programswithparticipants over theageof 14andonall fieldand facility rentals. Pro- gramparticipants14years and under arenot subject to tax, with theexceptionof all drop-in programs. Someexceptions mayapply. • A$20handling chargewill be collectedonN.S.F. cheques. • Please readconfirmation re- ceipts carefully for information ondates, times, supplies, etc. Exciting News! Courtenay Recreation will be moving to a NEW recreation software in early 2020! Please ensure we have your correct email address

In Person At the Lewis Centre or the Filberg Centre By Phone 250-338-5371 or 250-338-1000 Use your Visa or Mastercard By Fax 250-338-8600 Lewis Centre 250-338-0303 Filberg Centre Fax registration page, Use your Visa or Mastercard By Mail Mail registration form with payment to: Lewis Centre , 489 Old Island Hwy Courtenay, BC V9N 3P5 or Filberg Centre , 411 Anderton Ave Courtenay, BC V9N 6C6 Registration form available for pick up at the Lewis or Filberg Centres or online at Refundsmaybe issuedunder the following circumstances: • A full or pro-rated refundwill begiven if a class is cancelled, or for medical reasonswithadoctor’snote. • Pro-rated refundswill beprovidedafter thefirst class, basedon thedateof notification. • Requests for refundswill beprocessedwitha full refundup toFIVE daysbefore the start of theprogram. After this time, anadminis- trative feeof $5will be charged. • Refundswill not beapprovedafter aprogramhas ended. • Pleaseallowup to3weeks for cheque refunds tobe processed. • Pleasenote theremaybeexceptions (eg. CozyCorner Preschool, programs of short duration, workshops, etc.). • All punchpasses arenon-refundable. •WellnessCentreMemberships arenon-refundableand non-transferrable. No email registrations accepted 1 2 3 4


and use any credits on your account before the end of 2019.


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